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Photo credit: Anna Gauthier


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I arrived home tired from a long day of teaching, complaining that our life was too routine, the same ole humdrum boring existence. Anna lays the Opelousas Daily World newspaper before me with a picture of the Europa and an announcement that a 400 year anniversary sail from Le Havre, France to Nova Scotia, Canada would happen in the coming summer of 2004. Within minutes I was at her explaining how we could do this. She thought I'd go alone. "Oh hell no! You're coming." The debate continued for about four days, but she agreed to go.  One of the best decisions of our lives.

“The Voyage of an Acadian Lifetime,” (feature article) Edward G. Gauthier, The Advocate Sunday Magazine, Baton Rouge, LA, August 22, 2004, page 14-16. Reprinted at Punchnels,, June, 2016.

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