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​On May 23, 2018, Edward published Director Guy, his first novel.

So, how many voices do you have in your head? Von, our protagonist, goes out with friends one night and gets an extra voice in his head. This fully conscious voice arrives with no memory. He doesn't know his name, where he's from, what he was doing, or how to get out of Von's head. They can think back and forth to each other. At first, it's a territorial battle. But, after a while, they negotiate and cooperate. They have to discover what has happened to them and what they'll have to do to resolve the situation.


E-Mail from Dr. Ann Dobie:
Hi Ed,

I read Director Guy and I must say you have done a fine job. I thought it was especially strong in character development and dialogue. The language too sounds natural, not composed. The plot is imaginative. I couldn't imagine how it was going to end, and when I had finished it I had to wonder how you became so knowledgeable about science. I hope the book gets wide distribution because it deserves it. It is suspenseful, thoughtful, and altogether a good read.    5 stars.  

Ann Dobie, Editor, Author,  Professor Emerita,  University of Louisiana @ Lafayette

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