​On May 23, 2018, Edward published Director Guy, his first novel. The story begins as a psychological mystery involving Von, a seventeen year old junior in high school. The story resolves by sliding gently into science fiction.

​A coming-to-life comedy, Director Guy, is as fueled by contemporary animated tv as it is by serious inquiry into consciousness, dream, energy, spirituality, purpose and identity. A seriously funny book. 

Darrell Bourque, Louisiana Poet Laureate 2007-09, Professor Emeritus University of Louisiana


E-Mail from Ann Dobie:
Hi Ed,

I read Director Guy and I must say you have done a fine job. I thought it was especially strong in character development and dialogue. The language too sounds natural, not composed. The plot is imaginative. I couldn't imagine how it was going to end, and when I had finished it I had to wonder how you became so knowledgeable about science. I hope the book gets wide distribution because it deserves it. It is suspenseful, thoughtful, and altogether a good read.    5 stars.  

Ann Dobie, Editor, Author,  Professor Emerita,  University of Louisiana @ Lafayette